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How it works

Sign-up and send us a Direct Message with a prefix that tells us when you want to schedule the Tweet.

We schedule the tweet and when the time comes, we'll post it for you and send you a push notification via Boxcar.

Supports Buffer

Connect your Buffer account then:-

  • d tweet4me +b TWEET
  • d buffer4me TWEET

Example Tweets

  • d tweet4me +2h post in 2 hours time
  • d tweet4me +5m post in 5 minutes time
  • d tweet4me 1530h post at 3.30pm
  • d tweet4me 4-5 post at midnight on 4th May
  • d tweet4me 21-10-15 728h Happy back to the future day!

Other prefixes

  • 4-11 1030h - 10.30am, 4th Nov
  • 1-1-13 0001h - 1st Jan 2013, 0:01am
  • 20m - 20 mins past the next hour
  • 20d - 20th of the month

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